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Welcome to the
Yamanashi prefectural School for the Visually impaired
Established 1919 ~


Shimoiida 2- 10 -2
Kofu City ,Yamanashi Prefecture,Japan
E-mail: ysvi*kai.ed.jp (* => @)

Outline of the school


Our school was founded 98 years ago. It is the only blind school in this prefecture. We teach students ranging from more than 50 years old in our high school department to as young as 3 years old in our children’s department. At our school, “We bring up students with happy hearts and healthy minds, and provide education that focus on social independence.” We provide careful guidance and conform to education guidelines. We also take great care in accommodating to the special needs and personality of each individual student.


[Important guidance points]

1.Taking into consideration the unique personality and ability of each student, we broadly assess their future possibilities.
2.We emphasize two general educational values: vocational education and the improvement of scholarship.
3.Furthermore, through daily activities and workshops, we provide the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve social independence, such as cooking, home keeping, etc.
4.Lastly, we try to instill the basic habits and behaviors to create students rich in human nature and strong in character.


In 1994, we established a vision-impaired education consultation room. We distributed pamphlets to the medical institutions, and schools from elementary to senior high school throughout the cities and towns of Yamanashi Prefecture. We also carry out periodical consultations in and outside of our school in order to help children troubled with sight disorders. Our school also has a rehabilitation department and provides employment guidance to people who are or have become half-way handicapped as well as providing employment guidance to post-graduates. We are working towards the goal of becoming the top educational center of Japan for the visually impaired.
We look forward to any comments or suggestions. We want to improve and provide the best possible education and services to our students.
We wait for your opinions and ideas after viewing this homepage.


History of school

Our school started as private Yamanashi KunmoH academy in 1919. We pass through prefectural transfer, and there is the history of 83 afterwards. We sent a graduate of more than 1000 out. A graduate is out of within the prefecture and We are made and play an active part led by a rapid masseur in each field.
The famous American Parkins blind school principal ever visited the our school worldwide. In addition, extend over four times by education of deafness and dumbness disorder, and is appointed by Education Ministry experimental school || increased. We achieved a pioneer role of education of the blind in the country. We held a national open study meet recently as Education Ministry education for the handicapped course of study study designated school in 6.7 Heisei year.  We install a weak-eyed education consultation room from 1993 and it is wide and, for various places of babies and young children / a child / a student with sight disorder and the protector and an adult, can turn in the school outside and develops education consultation activity. The approach gets the high appraisal.


Our Educational target

“To create people rich in mind and spirit, who are socially independent.”


Our Faculty
●Children’s Department (from 3-5 years old)
●Elementary School Department (first to sixth grade)
●Junior High School Department (first to third grade)
●High School Department
・The Regular Courses (first to third grade)
 Students who have graduated from junior high school can enter. We have two courses below.
・The High School Course
 The students of this learn high school subjects.
・The Massage Course*
・The students of this learn health massage and high school subjects.
・The Advanced Courses (first to third grade)
・Students who have graduated from high school can enter. We have two courses below.
・The Massage Course*
  The students of this learn health massage.
・The Massage, Acupuncture and Moxibustion Course*
 The students of this learn health massage, acupuncture and moxibustion.
  *These three courses are in the rehabilitation department.


Support Center for the Visually Impaired

Do you have any trouble with your sight?


 We provide a “sight-disorder education consultation/ support center,” to meet the needs of a visually impaired child or person at our facility.
 We provide support to everyone from babies who are experiencing problems in daily lives to middle or over-aged people.
 We provide consultation to any person concerned about their own vision or the vision of a child family member.
 We will give an introduction and course on the different stages or levels of sight disorder.We also accept post-graduates for consultation.
 We strives to promote understanding for the various types and levels of sight disorders.
●We help students to develop their other senses through activities, games and exercises.
 We support the students by observing and checking and in this way we are able to positively affect their learning environment.
●We teach about child rearing and development.
●We introduce sight tools and aid and assist in their usage. These include lenses, magnifying glasses, personal computers and enlargement devices.
●We provide support in reading education as well. Reading materials have the proper space and size appropriate for each student.
●We guide and provide advice for education outside of school as well. We show how to make teaching materials which are easy to see for children with vision problems.
●We have enlarged textbooks with magnified letters. Children can adjust to reading without them and ease their way into reading smaller material. These enlarged manuscripts are made by volunteers. We now provide training to volunteers in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Contact us
Yamanashi prefectural school for the Visually impaired
 zip code : 400-0064
 Shimoiida 2- 10 -2 ,Kofu City ,Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
 E-mail: ysvi*kai.ed.jp (* => @)